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Telephone Ordering

------- Call us now on 020 3239 3349 -------

ASCAFO.COM welcomes orders over the phone. If you do not like the idea of ordering for yourself online, then allow one of our trained representatives to advise and assist you with making your order.
All of our calls are charged at your normal landline call rate.

It is simple just follow the steps below...
Step 1:: Call us on 020 3239 3349 and await an answer, explain that you would like to make an order and allow the operator a few moments to log into our systems. If you receive no answer on this step, then either keep trying or follow our automated instructions to receive a call-back within 24 hours.

Step 2:: The operator will ask for a few details including your name and address and quickly run through some ordering information.

Step 3:: You will be asked what products you wish to order, you can give the product name but it is easier and quicker if you read the product codes to the operator. Your order will be summarised by our representative and you will have the option to apply extras or order discount codes.

Step 4:: We will now take your payment details, as it is a phone order, this must be a credit/debit card.

Step 5:: Your order will be verified and if requested we can send you a confirmation e-mail.

Thats it! Your order will be processed as usual.

Please Note: None of your details are stored on our systems for longer than 1 hour.
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